Snails in meat sauce

You will need 150g of snail meat, 400g minced meat, 1 garlic, 3 sliced tomatoes, a bunch of parsley leaves, little bit of salt, pepper, cooking oil and few bread buns.

Cook your minced meat in the pan with oil, give it a little bit of salt, for a better taste pour up some pepper. Put your snails in and make it stew for about 30 minutes on lower heat. Nearly end throw in your bunch of parsley leaves and your sliced tomatoes. Serve your meal with bread buns. Enjoy!

Bruschetta with snails and mushrooms

You will need 1kg of mushrooms, 25 pieces of snail, 100g of butter, 5 pieces of garlic, 100g chopped onion, bunch of parsley leaves, bunch of dills, a little bit of oregano and 50g of good olive oil.

First of all prepare your mushrooms, boil them and then pour off the dirty water. Stew up your snails with butter, pour in your chopped parsley leaves, oregano, dills and your garlic pieces. With butter and onions you should cook your mushrooms in other pan. Grind all of your ingredients to tiny pieces then pour up a little bit of olive oil and once again mix them all up. Enjoy!